suzieEmpowerment through truth.

Renowned Psychic Suzie Starr is a clairvoyant and healer who empowers individuals with no BS truth. From an early age, she has always had a strong 6th sense with accurately foretelling future events.

Psychic readings,Clairvoyant Counselling, Personal Empowerment, Life Clarity, Healings with Suzie.

As well as studying counseling, Suzie has studied the teachings of many great minds such as Anthony Robbins and Deepak Chopra. Her passion for empowerment through truth, is the driving force behind mastering the secrets of the tarot cards.

She is motivating, dynamic and a clairvoyant with spunk.

Call on Suzie when you’re stuck, need direction, want to know if you’re with the right partner, or need to know your life mission.